Upcoming 2018 Blockbusters

The first two first three months of the year are usually quiet when it comes to new releases. We get the big awards, and this is the time when most of the high-profile movies will be in cinemas. Late March then brings an influx of new productions – most of these won’t end up as award-winning films, but one or two surprises might seep in. This week, we’re taking a look at a couple of blockbuster films that will be out until the midpoint of 2018. Here they are, in order of the UK release date.

1. The Untitled Deadpool Sequel (16th of May)

You’re not doing your marketing right if the film in question comes out in less than two months, and you don’t yet have a title for it. Unless you’re making a Deadpool flick, of course – I wouldn’t be surprised, knowing the viral marketing tricks the first film pulled (including presenting it as a romantic, Valentine’s day date movie), for this to actually remain the final title.

2. Slender Man (18th of May)

You’d have to have lived deep in a dark woods for the past few years or so if you haven’t heard about Slenderman – in which case, Slenderman probably already got to you. Two PC games became viral very quickly and sparked many YouTube videos that showcased increased heartbeat and emotional coping mechanisms of people suddenly faced with a tall being with no face. Now, it’s time for cinema to try to replicate this. No chance, I’d say, but fingers crossed.

3. Solo: A Star Wars Story (25th of May)

An early summer release, because somebody at Disney thought: ‘What’s better than having one Star Wars film in a six month interval? Having two Star Wars films in a six month interval’. Since the last three Star Wars films have had a pre-Christmas release, this is probably just Disney probing the profitability of summer blockbusters.

4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (6th of June)

I have honestly lost the count of Jurrasic Park / Jurrasic World films, mostly due to the recent influx of uninspiringly titled flicks. When they had a number at the end, you could at least keep track of them. I’m pretty sure that dinosaurs were involved in all of them at some point. Wild guess.

5. Ocean’s 8 (22nd of June)

After a few recent all-female remakes (such as Ghostbusters, a complete and utter flop), someone thought to follow the same formula, but apply it to the Ocean’s series. Sandra Bullock is assembling a crew as Debbie Ocean, in quite a star-riddled film, which also includes Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Carter, Dakota Fanning and Sarah Paulson. Whether this fantastic summation of talent will also equate a good quality product, we shall see.

6. Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado (29th of June)

Sicario was a good film that occasionally showed glimpses of a near-masterpiece. There was really no need for a sequel, however – but since the earnings were none too shabby, here is part two. Again starring the excellent Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro, and most likely again featuring those annoying swings between English and Spanish, even when two Mexicans are talking – as the title itself seems to suggest.

7. The First Purge (6th of July)

As with one of the previous entries, I have lost count how many purges there were in total. A few. I also struggle to remember how they differed. But no matter, because we’re getting a prequel this time, and we’re witnessing the very first purge. Which is a bit weird, because the first such event would have most likely been called ‘The Purge’, and not ‘The First Purge’. But oh well, maybe it’s just another case of differential marketing.



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