• Angry Ray

      Ray is very angry. All his damned life, He has condensed his feelings and memories , internalized, imploded. He has lived in a latent violence, locking himself on himself, creating its own dungeon. It goes after a long […]

    France 10 Minutes
  • Sense

      Hotshot painter Dylan Cooper throws a party after a first triumphant gallery showing of his work. Many people have come to celebrate his success, but Dylan only has eye for one; his muse and lover, Alice. While admiring […]

    Netherlands 10 Minutes
  • Ox*

      A man walking long distances carrying a shotgun … and a long rope ending with the other person.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Cuba 18 Minutes
  • Golconda*

      The clock always strikes two times The first time it strikes; the second time it strikes, too. But was is happening in between ?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    France 7 Minutes
  • Aria

      Aria gives up her life to become a lethal instrument for a self righteous agency called ‘The Order’. Her intentions are only revenge for a sister lost through suicide. Now she tracks the man responsible. In defiance of […]

    United Kingdom 21 Minutes
  • Stelle*

      A little boy takes refuge with his imagination to flee from the solitude and the sadness of the world. Then he finds a strange object…   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    France, Switzerland 27 Minutes
  • DopeBoy

      Dope Boy is a London based hip hop artist trying to break free from the perceived ideals of hip hop and masculinity.   Password: letmein

    United Kingdom 7 Minutes
  • Only Wanna Party

      “Only Wanna Party” is the hit single on the award winning soundtrack CD from the full feature comedy, GET A JOB. The music video stars Willie K and Eric Gilliom as the Barefoot Natives. The compilation and CD […]

    United States 3 Minutes
  • Leica – Robert Capa’s Eyes*

      This is the story of the last three minutes of conversation between the militiaman and Capa before the photographer could freeze Federico in time with his camera. One of the most iconic images of the twentieth century.   […]

    Spain 4 Minutes
  • Alone

      On a seemingly normal night, odd occurrences around Shelby’s home makes her question whether or not she is the only one there.  

    United States 4 Minutes
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