• Ming… Voice of Deception*

      Set against the great depression of the 1930’s and beginning in the trenches of World War 1 France. Returning war veteran Daniel Partcher discovers the world he’d left behind slipping away. The story of two men in love with […]

    Canada 133 Minutes
  • Native Immigration

      A mockumentary about a new shocking phenomenon named by the experts as ‘Native Immigration’. We will put a face to people like Manuel, Olamilekan and Chen Lee, whose life took a 180 degree turn when they discovered that… they […]

    United Kingdom 15 Minutes
  • The Keys

      Five years ago a young man met an ex-ballerina during the last month of his North American adventure. Little did he know, it was the start of a love story, which would change him, forever. Unfortunately, this romance […]

    Switzerland 9 Minutes
  • The Membrane

      A kid drops his new glasses in an open manhole on the street. He climbs the drain down to get them before the parents notice, but finds in the sewer a place in which, maybe, he can be […]

    United Kingdom 14 Minutes
  • 10,13

      After an accident in the street, Odysseas transfers with his mind back to his house, where an unexpected visitor is waiting and asking for his help. This mind-tricky vision arises from his sinful past, when he accidentally killed […]

    Greece 8 Minutes
  • Moosehead’s Wicked Good Plan*

      The state of Maine was the epicenter of the global paper industry for over a hundred years. Companies like Great Northern Paper, S.D. Warren, and Scott owned 60% of the state’s 17 million acres of forest land. As […]

    United States 32 Minutes
  • Charlie Cloudhead

      A risk averse man bottles up his problems into a cloud floating permanently above his head. A tense birthday dinner with his wife finally forces him to confront his issues – with spectacular results.  

    United Kingdom 8 Minutes
  • Some Call That Love

      A silence after a fight, a hard knock more or less. Lou with Noa, her boyfriend, drive on a small road in the middle of nowhere. Lou is in the back of the car, hurt, she cries. He […]

    France 5 Minutes
  • The Sereer*

    Original title: The Sereer: Desperately Trying to Please God The Sereer people groups live in an ancient culture that was historically steeped in Animism, Voodoo and spirit worship. In the past two centuries modern Islam has taken a stronghold here. […]

    United States 69 Minutes
  • Soft Skin, Violence in the Eyes

      Alma bears Duna’s abuses because of the attraction she feels for her, until one night when Alma breaks her silence and intends to show that she is capable of inflicting the same pain.   

    Spain 7 Minutes
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