• Until the End*

      In Switzerland, more and more people would prefer to die in their own bed. The film portrays relatives who accompanied a person at home until the end of life. It shows which communal forms of support exist for […]

    Jan 5, 2023
    Switzerland 32 Minutes Oliver Slappnig
  • Breaking the Walls

      From 24th of February, a 30-years old traumatologist and rugby player, Taras, starts his days with surgeries, saving lives in front-line city of Dnipro, in the east of Ukraine.   

    Dec 3, 2022
    Ukraine 12 Minutes Pavel Buryak
  • Ferryman of the Dead*

      Krista Launonen is a painter and a writer who suffers from a serious cancer. She is going to live approximately five years. She has gone through some overwhelming feelings and serious pain, but she has chosen to enjoy […]

    Nov 2, 2022
    Estonia 9 Minutes Jaakko Tervonen
  • The Beyond*

      The second wave of Covid significantly increased mortality in hospitals. What does this mean for the work of Mathieu, employed in the morgue of a regional hospital center? How does he relate to these people whose souls have […]

    Oct 12, 2022
    Switzerland 9 Minutes Daniel Maurer
  • SCREEN 21

      Inspired by being confined to a room while in isolation and watching online content during the early days of the pandemic, SCREEN 21 is about acknowledging that while New Zealand is a beautiful country, we also need to […]

    Jul 23, 2022
    New Zealand 15 Minutes Josiah John Wood
  • Stuck In The Mud

      A young Thaiboxer fights his way to the championships and finds redemption to an adverse childhood.    Stuck in the Mud Film Review

    May 2, 2022
    Sweden 9 Minutes Victor Palm
  • The Story Of Spinning*

      This is the untold story of who invented the Spinning exercise system. It was created by Robert Levin with some help from cyclist Johnny Goldberg. The follows ultimately who took all the credit for creating this multi-million dollar […]

    Apr 20, 2022
    United States 16 Minutes Geoff Levin

      Layers is an educational framework Created with the purpose to give back and showcase life after hardship. Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to be your reality! This short cinematic documentary highlights troubled childhoods, lack of opportunities from […]

    Mar 10, 2022
    United Kingdom 38 Minutes Lee Page, Micquel Wright
  • Dajla: cinema and oblivion*

      Life is going on in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, forgotten for 45 years. The celebration of a film festival, the Fisahara, breaks the monotony. The event ends, life (and oblivion) continues.   […]

    Jan 7, 2022
    Spain 15 Minutes Arturo Dueñas Herrero
  • Extasium*

      In the secrecy of a Parisian building, for half a century, an outsider artist has built a machine that has the alleged power of invoking God at will. Every night, his creation plunges him into a powerful ecstasy. […]

    Dec 9, 2021
    France 35 Minutes Guilhem Bertrand, Quentin Bruet-Ferréol
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