Water is Coming
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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2024 - May 2024
Aśka Faron
16 minutes
TMFF Awards:
May Winner - Documentary of the Month


The Sundarbans region in South Bangladesh is one of the most climate-vulnerable places in the world. Frequent cyclones destroy people’s livelihoods and contaminate clean water sources, which are already in short supply there. This affects millions of people, including the often marginalised Munda community – an ethnic minority group with Indian origins, who migrated there over two centuries ago. Deben Munda, a descendent of those early settlers, has lived in the Sundarbans all his life – a life marked by hardship, hard work, and the forest itself, at once a source of livelihood and terrible danger. Now, as a reliable supply of clean water is about to be brought to Bhetkhali for the first time, he reflects back on his experiences, his struggles, and his hopes for the future – painting a portrait of an extraordinary life on the frontlines of the climate crisis, and the courageous community who call this land their home.



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