• Against All Odds*

      Against All Odds is a short documentary that follows three of AFC Bournemouth’s most influential characters throughout the clubs darkest days. Furthermore it explore the clubs plight from a fans perspective, giving a multi faceted recollection of this […]

    United Kingdom 12 Minutes
  • Damian*

      Damián, a vampire obsessed with a mysterious woman named Roxana, finds the chance to become her into the eternal, while for Roxana the grief and pain of the lost of her family will take her life into another […]

    Mexico 15 Minutes
  • The Littlest Undertaker

      North of Nowhere, south of Somewhere, lies the town of Thereabouts where the undertaker, Oskar, is a boy who has never laughed, never smiled, never felt anything. That is why he is on a quest to find that […]

    United States 24 Minutes
  • Commotion*

      Three characters in search for purpose find themselves tangled up in a night of crazy circumstances.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 21 Minutes
  • Occam*

      A woman named Occam is confined to a strange white room with no knowledge of the outside. Using piano melodies she is able to start piecing together her past life. In completely uncharted territory, Occam must discover the […]

    Canada 13 Minutes
  • Bad Clown

      Schizophrenic clown trying to find himself in nonchalant way.  

    Czech Republic 2 Minutes
  • Inferno Endures*

      Inferno Endures, the second part of the Fever Dream trilogy, is a short experimental film depicting the journey of a troubled soul through its existential anguish. When reality starts to fade, a Fever Dream begins and the man’s […]

    United Kingdom 10 Minutes
  • Life’s too Short to Hold Back

      A documentary about Bailey, a 15 year-old boy with cerebral palsy who dreams of entering the para-olympics in wheelchair basketball.  

    Australia 5 Minutes
  • A Date With Shillelagh*

      The film focuses on the mysogynistic behaviour within the entertainment industry. Highlighted in high profile allegations against media mogul Harvey Weinstein. This film production supports The Me Too Movement. Used as a hashtag on social media, Me Too […]

    United Kingdom 12 Minutes
  • Sad Mime*

      A depressed mime musters up the courage to go to a theatre audition.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Australia 5 Minutes
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