• Saturday’s Lament*

      When a mom of a deceased child is confronted with a child who is being abused she will do what she thinks is right in order to “save” him.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Aug 1, 2018
    United States 5 Minutes Tyler McElrath
  • Within*

      An experimental film about a young women struggling with depression.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Aug 1, 2018
    United States 2 Minutes Shannon Lynott
  • A Little Grey

      Is there any cure for being ‘a little grey’? One man’s search takes him through bars, churches, doctor’s surgeries, tattoo parlours and beyond, but will he find what he’s looking for? A colourful story about losing your spark […]

    Aug 1, 2018
    United Kingdom 5 Minutes Simon Hewitt, Steve Smith
  • Sleepless Night*

      A little boy wakes up in the middle of the night and wander to his parents bed, but sadly he finds out the bed is full. The boy go on to fight his dad for the spot next […]

    Aug 1, 2018
    Israel 5 Minutes Yoav Ofer
  • Top Coat Cash*

      After losing a major fight, a professional MMA fighter returns home from Vegas, where he reunites with various individuals from his past – including a father/son duo who recruit him to engage in their daring bank heists.   […]

    Aug 1, 2018
    United States 103 Minutes David Tittone
  • Lost In Apocalypse*

      A group of seemingly unrelated individuals fight their way out of a virus-infested hotel, only to find themselves at a worse place than before.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Lost In Apocalypse Review

    Aug 1, 2018
    China 89 Minutes Sky Wang
  • The History of Everything*

      Two Hollywood Producers try to save their dying careers by creating a blockbuster out of old movies and their warped imaginations. What they don’t know is that they are being mined for their creative ideas. The film was […]

    Aug 1, 2018
    United States 80 Minutes Wayne Keeley
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