• Shutter

    Beauty is not a simple thing. On the contrary, beauty can destroy you if your admirer pushes the contemplative aesthetic experience towards an obsessive area. No, we’re not talking here about John Fowles’ famous novel The Collector, but about […]

  • The Adventurer’s Diary

    The burden of loneliness can be so unbearable that certain people obsessed with the special moments from the past create, from the absence of their beloved, fictional universes whose strength often exceed the sense of reality. However, these imaginary […]

  • Silou: A Tale of an Orang Asli

    Despite the technological boom that let us believe we can access any information with just a click, the world is still a fascinating place that hides in plain sight mesmerising communities facing the time and speed of our hypermodern […]

  • Trust Issues

    For better or worse, until death do them part. Yes, there are such couples, and it is precisely this union that continues beyond death that makes them so touching. ‘Trust Issues‘ is a short film that focuses precisely on […]

  • Blondie Maxwell Never Loses

    ‘Blondie Maxwell Never Loses’ presents a very dark world that doesn’t seem to be like that at first, but with every step and every action taken, one can see how tormented everything is, and how hard normal life becomes. […]

  • Link

    ‘Link‘ is far from being a conventional cinematographic experiment, situating rather in the aesthetics of a music video that takes over the structure of a vlog-movie, with psychedelic nuances. By proposing to create a strange fictional universe whose essence […]

  • Beaten

    The premise of ‘Beaten’ is pretty simple and evergreen: a hitman named Bruise is contracted to murder a man, Redd, who is supposed to have leaked some information about the mayor. In a mix-up, other hitmen hired by the […]

  • Rear View 360

    Modern attempts to force the boundaries between artistic discourses generated in the last century a series of innovative experiments that defied pre-established reports of generic purity. Thus, novelties such as theatrical installations that go beyond the more or less […]

  • To Watch the Truth in the Eyes

    Genetic diseases are such a delicate subject that it excites and terrifies with the same intensity. However, if an adult suffering from such a disease can provide the viewer with a certain emotional acceptance, a child facing this situation […]

  • The Good, the Bad and the Cactus

    Stories about the Wild West fascinated the childhood of many of us. Interestingly, this almost exotic space for many passionate readers and cinephiles is still as attractive as it used to be, despite the classic patterns grounding these stories. […]

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