• The Good, the Bad and the Cactus

    Stories about the Wild West fascinated the childhood of many of us. Interestingly, this almost exotic space for many passionate readers and cinephiles is still as attractive as it used to be, despite the classic patterns grounding these stories. […]

  • Relentless (Trailer)

    It is said that you can tell if a book is good or not after the first ten pages. The same thing happens with a movie, more precisely with the trailer of a movie. Yes (it is a premiere […]

  • Greater Fool

    After so many centuries of eternal love, the phlegmatic attitude of contemporary people seems to have become a natural consequence of all those immortal, but quite cliché-like, romantic scenarios. ‘Greater Fool‘ is a cynical experiment about a world that […]


    For many artists, Paris has been an inspirational topos that has managed to create a magnetic aura over time, giving creators the energy they need for the most nonconformist productions. Somewhat, the short choreographic moments captured by director Diego […]

  • Us

    There is no need to talk about the universality of choreographic language that can equal or even surpass the expressiveness of any other artistic discourse. Thus, it would be useless to talk about how ‘Us‘ is built on the […]

  • Victor Goodview

    Vincent Turturro’s ‘Victor Goodview’ is one of the few stories about nihilism and decadence we’ve had in our festival in recent years. Based on a ground of filth and misery, Victor’s story follows the simple rules of living like […]

  • Saving Green

    ‘Saving Green‘ is one of those complex animations that condense in a few minutes a dynamic, but quite brutal, narrative to address an adult audience, an attractive chromaticity and positive, delightful protagonist with which young spectators will resonate, but […]

  • The Percy Harris Story

    Brian Lutes never ceases to amaze us! Some time ago we’ve had the opportunity to see ‘Ming… Voice of Deception’, a heartbreaking story of a World War I veteran returning home and having great problems taking his old life […]

  • Prisoners of Time

    ‘Prisoners of Time’ deals with a very important matter that crippled generations of most strong men: the post-traumatic disorder. PTSD is usually found in people that witnessed war or have other abusive memories that are coming back in a […]

  • A Date with Shillelagh

    We know that anything in this world has a price, but is fame worth all the necessary sacrifices? Inspired by the recent social phenomenon known as #metoo condemning sexual abuse against women, ‘A Date with Shillelagh‘ is a problematic […]

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