• Eggplant Lasagna

    Directed by Roberto Skora and Vinícius Piedade, ‘Lasanha de Berinjela’ or ‘Eggplant Lasagna’ charts the difficult relationship between a father and his artist son, as the two strive to create a dinner without envy or conflict. With such an […]

    Apr 18, 2022
  • In the Trail of Free Dreams

    Directed by Istvan Golob, ‘In the Trail of Free Dreams‘ dives into the life and times of illustrious Hungarian artist Imre Badonski. Charting his journey of his escape from the Communist regime in 1979, the film follows the artist […]

    Apr 16, 2022
  • Janus

    An exuberant and decadent music video in the style of the disco ages? Or maybe an experimental short film based on a mythological pretext to portray a modern saturnalia? It’s hard to say. However, ‘Janus‘ is a surprising project, […]

    Dec 6, 2021
  • Apple Cinema

    Written and directed by Conor Holway, ‘Apple Cinema‘ sees a group of survivors holed up in a cinema theatre as a zombie apocalypse rages outside. With most of the world covered in a thick toxic cloud due to an […]

    Nov 1, 2021
  • Girl Next

    Directed by Larry Wade Carrell, who previously directed the horror-thriller Jacob, ‘Girl Next‘ is a 2021 horror thriller starring Marcus Jean Pirae, Paula Marcenaro Solinger and Carrell himself.  Lacey Cofran plays Lorian, a suburban girl who finds herself kidnapped […]

    Oct 1, 2021
  • Sing (to me)

    Literature and cinema have shown us countless times that music is a blessing, a way to escape from an ugly world or a means of healing. Well, Andrew Acedo breaks this cliché, portraying in his short film a character […]

    Sep 27, 2021
  • Sky So Blue

    There have been many, many documentaries about the 9/11 attacks and their impact on ordinary American citizens. However, few of these works manage to make any impact at all, instead choosing to focus on the death and destruction that […]

    Sep 13, 2021
  • Renton

    Music is not just a state of mind. The music that really strikes you is, in fact, a message that transcends personal tastes or prejudices. The music video ‘Renton‘, signed by directors Ximena Garrigues and Sergio Moya, based on […]

    Jul 6, 2021
  • Stuck in the Sand

    ‘Stuck In The Sand‘ is the kind of short film whose action you have seen somewhere before, but the way it is built gives you the same intensity that you felt at first. Kendall Christianson proves, in fact, through […]

    Jun 15, 2021
  • ANGEL.

    ‘ANGEL.’ is the story of a dream. But this dream doesn’t take us into a fictional world; it remains anchored in our reality. The short documentary signed by Charlotte White has the stakes of a biopic, even if it […]

    Jun 5, 2021
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