• Yuna’s Lunch

    Yuna, a young girl struggling to make meets end financially, has an unusual job: she makes sandwiches and delivers them to her customers, who she then spends some time with. Some talk to her about everyday fears and frustrations, […]

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  • Radiance

    Losing someone who has always been at your side, from the very beginning of your life, is completely devastating. It leaves an emptiness in one’s soul that can never be filled by a substitute, no matter how good it […]

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  • A Lucky Day

    A man who parks his trailer in the desert, just off the main road, wakes up in the morning, ready for a usual day. He is surprised, however, when he finds money falling from the sky. An upward glance […]

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  • Klippers

    Ofu Obekpa’s ‘Klippers’ can be seen as a 2017 representation of ‘Die Hard’, where the anti-hero that became the hero has to come up with a plan to get out of a difficult situation that might cost him and […]

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  • Dot.

    Before watching the music video under scrutiny, we knew nothing about Aditi Dot, the teenage Indian singer who became quite a sensation after uploading a video of her performing a song that she wrote and composed. The first reaction […]

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  • Mommy Heist

    Three single mums, all coming from different socio-economic facets, team up together to pull off a heist at a jewellery store – securing a non-negligible amount of money while also exacting personal revenge in the process. As complications arise […]

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  • Fireproven

    Miska Karioja’s ‘Fireproven – Shine‘ is the first video single from Finnish melodic death metal band Fireproven’s debut album. Apart from being a good complimenting medium to the excellent music it accompanies, and impressing from an aesthetical point of view, […]

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  • Expiration Date

    Everything that we can virtually imagine has an expiration date… doesn’t it? Any product or object will once become broken beyond repair, every experience or state of spirit is transient, and at one point one factor or a combination […]

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  • A Trickster Tale

    The concept of mortality, when related to all living things, humans and animals alike, is what leads to the birth and proliferation of a survival instinct. They are only around for a limited time, and a step in the […]

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  • Genius Loci

    ‘Genius Loci’ is the movie of the perfect silence that delivers more emotions than any word could do. Pascal Griesshammer’s feature combines a wide variety of techniques used in literature and in cinematography to create a project that can […]

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