The Horse – Cart Wallah
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Pranabes Chandra
14 minutes


Khairul is an orphan. He drives the Horse-cart of local village chief, Mr. Rathin Mondol. The local villagers avail this for going far and near places, hospital & marriage ceremonies. One day Shamima comes to village with his parents. She avails Khairul’s horse-cart. They get married. Rathin was the local guardian of Khairul. His family celebrated Khairul’s marriage. In due course Shamima & Rathin’s dauther-in-law get pregnant. Khairul shares his dream with his wife. He wants his son to drive the Horse-cart. One day while Khairul is about to take Shamima to hospital, Mr. Rathin comes and orders him to take her daughter-in-law to hospital. Khairul gives priority to his employer’s order. Shamima dies of labour pain. Khairul’s world shatters. But still he drives the horse-cart to take Mr. Rathin’s daughter-in-law and her new born baby home.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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