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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2019 - September 2019 (TRAILER competition)
Manish Vatssalya
2 minutes
TMFF Awards:
September Nominee - Trailer of the Month


Revenge is a very personal practice a man does when he failed to get justice in the right way. A law-abiding UK famed doctor Brij Diwan when comes to India to revisit his ancestral feeds. He unwillingly encountered with a bunch of corrupt powerful people who taught him a new constitution.. a book of unjust and injustice.. When his daughter got raped in retaliation and they even did not get the justice from the law. After that Doctor takes the law in his hands and starts punishing the culprit in his own way to bring back the dignity of a woman. His own young daughter.

Password: Nhappy!22GoLucky


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