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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Sohail 'SliK' Qureshi, Solomon Smith, Joell Westwood
5 minutes
TMFF Awards:
December Winner - 2nd Film of the Month, Screenwriter of the Month & Actress of the Month


“INGOLSTADT” is a gripping drama that revolves around a renowned artist, celebrated for her groundbreaking work, who finds herself in the midst of a public scandal during the launch event of her latest masterpiece. As she takes the stage for a routine Q&A, a seemingly ordinary audience member begins to question her ethics and the morality behind her creative process. As the interrogation intensifies, it becomes clear that this disgruntled individual harbors a secret, one that could potentially shatter the artist’s reputation and career. The tension escalates as the artist is forced to confront not only the ethical implications of her work but also the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface of her art. As the night unfolds, the audience, the artist, and the mysterious questioner are drawn into a whirlwind of revelations, leading to a climax that will leave everyone questioning the true cost of art.



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