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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2023 - May 2023
Ting Zhou
2 minutes
TMFF Awards:
May Winner - Animation of the Month


Larry came home with a failed test paper. She’s suffered for dyslexia a long time, unable to spell a word. When she was looking at the marking on it, classmates’ laughing was still in her ears. She threw it aside, also fell into frustration. At the same time the letters on the wall began to peel off. Those broken words converged into two little ghosts, started to play a prank. Larry was shocked, quickly hid under the quilt, felt like the bed suddenly rose up. The books on the bookcase fell down, letters inside were torn apart. The little ghosts pushed her down from the bed. Larry wanted to escape, but couldn’t open the door. The letters gradually gathered , turning into the teacher’s appearance. In desperation, she touched the test paper thrown away, and slapped it on the monster’s face. The paper was cleverly folded into a rabbit, which was included in the test. The monster also vanished. Larry realized that origami was her way to fight with the fears.



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