Bullock the Bruiser**
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United States
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Marcelo Mayen
40 minutes
TMFF Awards:
February Winner - Best Feature Film


After hospitalizing a controversial public figure, Wilson Bullock was dubbed “The Bruiser” – New York City’s crowbar-wielding crime-fighter! However, the more Bullock indulges his petty superhero identity, the more danger he attracts to himself. With nothing other than his crowbar and his arrogance, is Bullock ready to face the consequences that come with being a so-called superhero?


**No video file available for now.


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  • Stephen

    I happened to catch this film at a festival and it has a lot more heart than any of the Marvel or DC movies. Having said that, I feel like this review isn’t as neatly polished or discussed in detail like some of the other beautifully written reviews I’ve seen on here. There’s a lot of “this was good, that was good” comments that are never elaborated on. For example, what does “we expected things to fall apart but that was not the case” mean? Why would the music fall apart?

    Reply March 3, 2017

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