• Edelweiss*

      Edelweiss is inspired by a true story discovered within the pages of a WW2 soldier’s journal. We catch a glimpse of the compassion that lies within the hearts of those forced into a life of survival during devastating […]

    United Kingdom 8 Minutes
  • South Dakota Warrior*

      On June 4, 1942, LtCDR John C. Waldron lead 29 other men into battle…and utter annihilation. 75 years later, he’s regarded as a mutineer, Native American, old man…or the pivot that turned the Pacific War into an American […]

    United States 17 Minutes
  • A8012 (TRAILER)

      During the second world war, three swiss soldiers waits into a military fort located on a mountain.  

    Switzerland 2 Minutes

      A game of chess in 1973 reignites the two players’ vivid memories of their fateful meeting during the visceral Great War of 1914. A World War I thriller that sees two unlikely friends rediscovering their humanity amongst the […]

    United Kingdom 10 Minutes
  • Inherit The Stars*

      A retired Russian-Japanese soldier Eiji Onodera (Keishi Suenaga) was going to his hometown in Japan. But on his way, he was caught and given a new mission by his ex-colleague Captain Vadim Dadikov (Gohnosuke Tokuda). Onodera and his […]

    Japan 133 Minutes
  • Ten Thousand Camels*

      This short film is the last thirteen minutes in the lives of two good men. A soldier who believes he’s captured a terrorist, and a Middle Eastern man who believes the terrorist has captured him. The film forces […]

    United States 13 Minutes
  • Doc*

      Liz ‘Doc’ Roberts is a homeless former Army combat medic struggling with memories from her deployment to Iraq. She can’t let go of the love she felt for a fallen Soldier. Her only coping mechanism are the pills […]

    United States 23 Minutes
  • W H A T I F

      A depressed man struggles with the loss of his loved one.  

    France 3 Minutes
  • The Gentleman Next Door

      History’s greatest moments are all around us. But we need to be willing to walk up to the door…and knock.  

    United States 17 Minutes
  • Last Beat*

      A soldier attempts to investigate a memory of a fallen comrade in order to complete a musical composition.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Last Beat Film Review

    United States 4 Minutes
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