In a dark room, we find two men forehead to forehead, sitting on the floor, heads connected by a helmet with an organic look. They are surrounded by silhouettes motionless and tense. In parallel in a sanitized white […]

    France 5 Minutes
  • Jerusalem*

      The City of Jerusalem holds a gun to our head in this head-spinning race through history.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Israel 4 Minutes
  • Catgot

      It is a 2D hand-drawn abstract animation using the music, “Catgot” by ISAN. The idea of the animation is to present a fountain performance in an abstract way. It highlights the beauty of the colors, composition and transformations […]

    Hong Kong 3 Minutes
  • Too Deep

      Everyone in life had „that“ day. Day which you can’t accept, can’t forget, can’t handle. Even went some days after this day, but it caught you and does not lower. You don’t believe in this day and you […]

    Russia 5 Minutes
  • Fienyx – Just Us

      A true story of two brothers struggling to overcome mental health issues, from childhood through adulthood, with their mother serving as a saving grace throughout.   

    United States 5 Minutes
  • Break*

      The song Break talks about escaping the rat race, breaking free of the stresses of life. SAER is in search of escape, more mentally than physically, he is in search of relief, oxygen to his lungs and the […]

    United Kingdom 3 Minutes
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