Roshi Shyong (TRAILER)
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2023 - April 2024 (TRAILER competition)
James Lama
1 minutes
TMFF Awards:
April Winner - Trailer of the Month


Roshi Shyong is a fiction story of a village boy in Nepal and as the story starts with his coronation as a leader of the Lamas and a divine being, flashbacks show how he got there. For a living, the boy’s parents collect and sell wood from the forest. The story highlights scenes showing a strong connection between the boy and his parents. The parents, while returning are caught in a rain storm and eventually get washed away by the river leading to their deaths. Back in the village, the boy is lying unconsciously still waiting for his parent’s return. Eventually, The boy is picked up by a mysterious man (Shaman) who senses that the boy is special and takes him to his monastery. In the end, everyone looks up including the Shaman, and witnesses the boy as he levitates in the air. All the lamas run in his direction. The boy as a supreme divine power is confirmed.



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