• Association

      “Association” is a story about a young man who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when a horrible crime is committed. Jake Havant, 20, is a lovely boy who offers a lift to some […]

    United Kingdom 9 Minutes
  • 702*

      A confused young woman is mugged by two first timers. They have bigger plans in which she is involved. The Journey brings her an incredible opportunity for revenge.   *Only a trailer is available for now. 702 Film […]

    Brazil 24 Minutes
  • A Private Revolution

      A father takes the law into his own hands in order to find the truth about his daughters death.    

    United Kingdom 9 Minutes
  • Structures

      A hitman on a bout of assassinations meets the Bonnie to his Clyde and their journey to cash out and skip town does not go as planned as doubts & regressed past comes into play.  

    United States 5 Minutes
  • Fire Amends (TRAILER)

      A man finds a phone with a disturbing picture on it of a missing woman. After all the grievances in his own life, he tracks down the woman and her captures.  

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Partners**

      Partners follows the lives of two, Rural North Carolina, uniformed police Officers in a small southern town; Officer John Walker and Officer Mandy Kain. Both middle aged and veterans of the department; the story, told in five separate […]

    United States 113 Minutes
  • No Exit 2 – Rise Against

      NO EXIT 2 – RISE AGAINST is the official follow-up to NO EXIT (the 1’st part of my gangster trilogy). NO EXIT 2 – RISE AGAINST is a 17-minute hard hitting piece that puts the violent and hidden […]

    Denmark 17 Minutes
  • La Pintura

      La Pintura is a graffiti documentary that reveals the motivation, purpose and commitment of Latin and South African graffiti writers. La Pintura shows an image of these writers that risk life to paint vandal graffiti in places where […]

    Netherlands 3 Minutes
  • Sea of Tranquility*

      A lonely hitman, living amongst the ghosts of his victims, finds redemption in the form of a woman who hires him to kill her.   *Only a trailer is available for now. 

    United States 22 Minutes
  • The Passenger (TRAILER)

      Three men hunt the murderer of a young boy, each man blinded by their own desire for revenge  

    United Kingdom 2 Minutes
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