• Out*

      Paul gets out of prison to discover his younger brother Mike is still involved with crime. Paul offers Mike a way out, but at what cost to himself?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United Kingdom 24 Minutes
  • Bombard the Headquarters

      “Bombard the Headquarters” is a topical movie; its plot develops around the political situation of the 2014 in Russia and, more precisely, the influence of this situation on the minds and actions of the intelligent youth.  

    Russia 17 Minutes
  • Dime Crimes #34

      A homebody with a stash of pulp fiction sees a gun hidden in the waistband of her charming new tenant and debates joining him in a life of adventure.  

    United States 18 Minutes
  • Hotwax

      A flawless death? Prepare for the perfect finish. A mafia boss hires a professional hit man to get rid of his rival, but when luck turns against him, hit man Harry is taking the profit. On the surface […]

    Netherlands 10 Minutes
  • Rough Ride

      Wannabe gangsters One and Two are anxious to go on their first real assignment. Under surveillance by their boss, they start hesitating and little by little all hell breaks loose as the two are working their magic.   […]

    Finland 12 Minutes
  • The Mourners

      On the gravel bed of a river, two friends are trying to catch some fishes. One of them is feeling anxious, as if something tragic is going to happen. Meanwhile, in a damp cellar, some people – obsessed […]

    Italy 13 Minutes
  • The Con

      In a style similar to the Hustle and Snatch, ‘The Con’ is a nine minute crime and gangster film, following the intelligent yet small-time con artist, Jack, who takes on a black market dealer to make his first […]

    United Kingdom 9 Minutes
  • Don’t Kill the Messenger

      When delivering a package to a prop company, an unsuspecting postman becomes embroiled in a game with life and death stakes.  

    Netherlands 12 Minutes
  • Unreasonable Doubt

      A seasoned detective is handling the case of a money laundering operation. All the evidence points to a single queen pin; she was caught with two duffel bags worth of $120k in her hands, right at the bar […]

    United States 5 Minutes
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