Black Mirror Episodes Becoming Reality: A Look

Black mirror is a dark revealing series that somewhat sends a chill down our spines. The more than reality events shown in the series somewhat depict our future. This sci-fi drama shows what our future might be like. And surprisingly, they are actually closer to reality than they seem.

The Top 5 Episodes of Black Mirror that Will Help You Rethink

Not everything in the world is as they seem to be. There are a good many things that are different than what you think them to be. Many for instance, now believe that Black Mirror episodes are becoming reality. How would that have an effect on us?

Here are the top 5 episodes where we felt like we are time-traveling to future:

  1. Fifteen million merits:

This was just the second episode. It showed the near future where humans peddled on stationary bikes to earn merits to power their homes and fund their entertainment. Isn’t that so us? We keep wishing for more and more even after enough. Similarly, in the series, the protagonists lose the sense of having sufficient. This makes them demanding.

They keep themselves indulged in mobile games and tv shows and instead of going out to meet people, they choose the stationary peddles. Don’t we get similar credit points on using some apps? Was this episode just a work of fiction or the future reality?

  1. Shut up and dance:

The episode shows how a teenager was blackmailed by hackers through his webcam. He was forced to do some fatal encounters. Now, recently we have come across the deadly blue whale game that victimizes adolescents. The game makers contact youth through personal messages and psychologically make them commit suicide. The episode just turned into dark reality!

  1. Hated in the nation:

The bees are no more thanks to the cell phone towers. So drones pollinate the flowers. These drone-bees are hacked to kill people. People are chosen based on Twitter hashtags #deathto. Twitter hashtags are reality and so are miniature drones. Is this going to be our future?

  1. Nosedive:

People are rated according to their social media review. This one was really scary. We already sort of analyze people according to their social media profile. Many companies make recruitments based on that. We still don’t have a score but who knows what lies in the future? And, undoubtedly, we are all severely addicted to social media.

  1. San Junipero:

This episode witnessed how newer technologies destroy our social life and relationships. We are already sort of heading towards it. We can see people busy on their smartphones even at social gatherings. People are growing more distant to the reality and closer to the virtual reality.

Are you too a black mirror fan? Do you think these are the perfect five episodes that are just inches away from the reality? Do let us know what you think of these episodes. If you think we missed any of them, just let us know.



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