Back to School Movies

There are lots of movies that take place at school, including high school and college. Here is a list of the best back to school movies to get you ready for another year of study.

Note for students viewing this list: You shouldn’t do many things here. We aren’t advocating that you break the rules, but it always makes for great film.

  1. The Breakfast Club (7,9 IMDb) – Getting in trouble and making friends. The ultimate ‘strange herd’ film.
  2. Dead Poet’s Society (8 IMDb) – Think differently.
  3. Mean Girls (7 IMDb) – “You don’t even go to this school!”
  4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (7,9 IMDb) – The entire City of Chicago will bow down before you.
  5. Harry Potter (7,5 IMDb)– A scar in the right place and everyone will love you.
  6. Accepted (7,5 IMDb) – Didn’t get into college? Make your own.
  7. Clueless (6,8 IMDb) – As if…
  8. Rudy (7,5 IMDb) – You can do it!
  9. The Faculty (6,4 IMDb)– Yes, Delilah, your teachers are from different planets.
  10. Lean on Me (7,4 IMDb) – You will get an education.
  11. Blackboard Jungle (7,4 IMDb)Lean on Me 30 years earlier.
  12. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (7,2 IMDb) – Dude.
  13. Dangerous Minds (6,4 IMDb) – A hot ex-marine and bad kids – um, Lean on Me but cuter?
  14. Heathers (7,3 IMDb) – If you can’t beat ‘em, kill ‘em.
  15. Easy A (7,1 IMDb)– Never be afraid to take an insult much farther than the insulter intended.
  16. Election (7,3 IMDb) – Watch Reese go Type-A CRAZY!
  17. Risky Business (6,8 IMDb) – Hot cars and hookers – gets us to dance in our underwear.
  18. Hoosiers (7,6 IMDb) – Football with Gene Hackman.
  19. Varsity Blues (6,4 IMDb) – I give it a 10.
  20. Stand and Deliver (7,3 IMDb) – Really, is there someone who is going to mess with Edward James Olmos?
  21. Juno (7,5 IMDb) – Protection is a good thing.
  22. Carrie (5,9 IMDb) – Be careful who you piss off.
  23. American Graffiti (7,5 IMDb) – Lucas and Coppola go back to school.
  24. To Sir With Love (7,7 IMDb) – You know you’d learn better from Sidney Poitier.
  25. Hoop Dreams (8,3 IMDb) – A “sports in high school” movie you must see!


The ultimate “don’t do this if you really plan on getting an education” movie EVER!

Animal House (7,6 IMDb) – John Belushi goes to college. ‘Nuf said.

Article written by Bob Peryea for The Monthly Film Festival



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