Top 10 Superhero Films to Watch in 2017

So 2017 is finally here, and not soon enough. Why? Because this year is sure to see some epic Superhero movies! We’re talking blockbuster battles, Aliens from outta space and spandex, lots of spandex! So get you calendars out, because you’re not going to want to miss this year!

  1. The Lego Batman Movie – 10th FebruaryMaybe a slightly unconventional superhero movie, but who really cares when it stars none other than our favourite Dark Knight in plastic form. Expect more wisecracking remarks voiced by Will Arnett, silly cameos from pretty much any character ever created and hopefully another catchy tune that’ll drive you insane within a week (remember having “Everything is awesome” stuck in your head?).
  2. Logan – 2nd March UK / 3rd March USA Claimed to be Hugh Jackson’s last romp at the character, Logan follows our favourite claw-scraping mutant in what is sure to be another hit for the X-Men franchise. Directed by James Mangold (the dude behind The Wolverine), this film is filled with exciting additions including Stephen Merchant and Richard E. Grant (why are the villains always English?).
  3. Power Rangers – 24th MarchLet your inner kid out to play because your childhood heroes are back, and this time, they’re playing big on the silver screen. Directed by Dean Israelite, this reimagined version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, consisting of the same characters (yet played by different actors) is sure to be a family favourite. Let’s see how Zordon and the Power Rangers fair in their first big feature in decades. Welcome to the 21st Century Rangers. We’re excited to have you!
  4. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 – 28th April UK / 5th May USAOur favourite marvel misfits are back and so is a rocking soundtrack, we hope! Even though the studio is being rather shady about plot details, I’m sure this one’ll turn out the big bucks. I mean after all, who doesn’t want to see a now fully-grown Groot boogying again. Given that James Gunn is back directing this second instalment, we have high expectations come April.
  5. Wonder Woman – 2nd JuneWe met her in Batman vs Superman, and now Gal Gadot is back taking on the warrior princess in her own feature. And most amazing yet, we have a superhero movie directed by woman, Patty Jenkins. Let’s see how the DC/Marvel movie battle continues after this block buster is released.
  6. Transformers: The Last Knight – 23rd JuneNow I must admit, I’m not the biggest Transformers fan. I was. Oh my word I was, but after the third movie, I found myself feeling rather disappointed with the franchise. With that being said, things can always turn around and here’s hoping this new instalment reconnects my love for it. Wahlberg, Tucci and all your favourite Autobots (and Decepticons) are back! Oh, and with Michael Bay directing (of course) so be sure to expect some explosions, some more explosions and possibly a few fighting scenes, but we can’t promise anything!
  7. Spider-man: Homecoming – 7th JulySo there have been quite a few Spidie films in recent years but thanks to the (sometimes strenuous) collaboration between Sony and Marvel we have ourselves a new Spiderman. After meeting Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War, we now get to see him take main stage. I must admit, Spidie is not my favourite Marvel character (sorry guys) but after seeing this new, more youthful, and somewhat cheekier interpretation last year; I’m feeling hopefully optimistic. Dare I say it, I’m actually excited!
  8. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – 6th OctoberMatthew Vaughn is back directing after three years, and so is a whole slew of A-listers. Taron Egerton, of course, will reprise his role, as Eggsy and joining him are Julianne Moore, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges. There’s even rumour Elton John will be making an appearance. This time, Kingsman goes stateside and we’re excited for what we’re sure will be explosive battles and witty dialogue.
  9. Thor: Ragarok – 27th October UK / 3rd November USAWe finally return to Asgard where things are not a peachy as one might think. New Zealand director Taika Waititi directs this darker side to the Thor universe. There’s lots of speculation wether this may be it for a few of our favourite players (we’re talking Natalie Portman and possibly Hemsworth himself), but as long as we get to see the hammer wielding god battling off some evil Aliens again, that might be enough to distract us for the time being.
  10. Justice League – 17th NovemberFinally, DC’s answer to The Avengers is here (sorry comic fans. You probably hate me for saying that). With an all-star cast, and directed by Mr. Snyder again, we’re excited to see how this one turns out (as long as you calm down on the shaky cam Zack). We’re sure there will be cameos from many of our favourite characters (here’s looking at you Flash). Now let the DC/Marvel battle continue!
Article written by Alexa Berry for The Monthly Film Festival



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