4 Updates About The Mandalorian Season 2

With the new trailer for the second season of The Mandalorian arriving a few days ago, I thought it might be nice to sum up a few of the details we uncovered, in order to prepare for the October release. Personally, I’m very excited about the second season. Much of the recent Star Wars content was not great by any means, but The Mandalorian stands out as the exception. In fact, it has been considered by many fans (me included) as the best Star Wars title since the Original Trilogy, due to its faithfulness to the classic atmosphere and filmmaking techniques. So, here are a few things that we can observe from the trailer:

1. Baby Yoda is still the centrepiece

To the delight of pretty much everybody, the adorable green creature that has become known affectionately as ‘Baby Yoda’ will continue its sidekick role to our Mandalorian protagonist. He is told that he ” (…) must reunite it with its own kind,” which pretty much sets up the main plot for Season 2. Also, it promises the prospect of having not one but more little green Yoda-ish creatures, which is certainly a big win by any means.

2. The Mandalorian is not fond of Jedis

In order to fulfill his mission successfully, Mando is advised to seek the help of the Jedi Order – a race of enemy sorcerers, as he refers to them. We must remember that Mandalorians have a troubled past with the Jedi Order, a war with which led to the destruction of their home planet, Mandalore. It will be interesting to see if the protagonist can set aside his personal differences, at least temporarily.

3. A return to some classic planets?

If you look closely at the trailer locations, you may recognise some familiar sights. At one moment, a Tusken Raider comes into view, and we all know the natural habitat of these creatures – yep, the arid wastelands of Tatooine. A glimpse at a snowy landscape also suggests that the Mandalorian’s adventures might at some point lead him to the planet Hoth. Which is, ironically, quite cold.

4. A return and the release

From a casting standpoint, we have two well-known names that will be making their Star Wars debuts: Timothy Oliphant and Rosario Dawson. However, even more interesting is the casting of Temuera Morrison, who portrayed the Mandalorian Jango Fett. This time, however, he is set to play Bobba Fett, Jango’s son. It will be interesting to see how these Mandalorian links play out, and how they contribute to the larger story. As for the release date, the first episode will premiere on 30 October 2020, On Disney+.



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