4 Things to Do This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas everyone. Just because it’s holiday season doesn’t mean that you should forget about movies this time of the year. Not at all! Films bring us together like few other things do, and create lasting memories. Of course, each Christmas movie checklist differs from person to person, but here’s what I think shouldn’t be missed.

1. Watch ‘Home Alone’ on one of the Christmas days

If you’ve already watched the first Home Alone on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, then you’ve done your homework early. If you haven’t, well, there’s plenty of time left until New Year’s. Because nothing says Christmas like Kevin fending off bad guys within a Christmassy ambiance and decor!

2. Watch ‘Life of Brian’ around Christmas Day

While comedy is great, parody is almost always better. Monty Python’s Life of Brian may not be at all rich in Christmas-related visuals, but thematic-wise, it’s on point. It tells the story of Brian, who happens to be born on the same night and same place as a certain individual called Jesus Christ, and spends the rest of his years being mistaken as the ‘Messiah’.

3. Check the award season run-up

The beginning of each year is the time when most of the mainstream magic in the film industry happens – Golden Globes, Oscars, BAFTAs, and others as well. December is the time of the year when predictions abound, nominations are gradually announced, and people start getting excited about the big awards. If you’re feeling particularly lucky in 2020, you can already place a bet or two, and hope for the best.

4. Reminisce on another year of film

As someone who is rather fond of keeping track of what I’m watching and how many films and series I manage to watch each year, the end of December is a particularly significant time, as I can draw the line and quantify my favourite (and least favourite) films that I watched the previous year, guilty pleasures and any new, impressive discoveries in terms of directors, actors or projects. So, we can all draw the line, and hope for an awesome 2020, full of quality films!



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