4 Netflix Shows Releasing Soon

It’s summer, and nothing too interesting is on at the cinema. And anyways, if you live in Europe, you probably already spent your monthly cinema money on fans, in the hope that you can survive yet another wave of tropical weather. And sure, the temperatures in the cinema might be nice and cool, courtesy of the AC you unfortunately don’t own at home, but still, perhaps it’s not worth the trip right now. Save your money for the autumn, once things actually start to get interesting, and tune in to Netflix for the time being. Here are a couple of series which you might want to consider.

1. Stranger Things, Season 3 (4 July)

I don’t think this one needs any introduction – what a strange thing that would be! Season two wrapped up the mystery rather nicely, but it certainly didn’t do it on a permanent basis. So, let’s see what damage monsters from other dimensions do during a scorching summer. Personally, I’ll always say yes to a healthy dose of 80s summery goodness.

2. Typewriter, Season 1 (19 July)

The middle of summer is a peculiar time to release a horror film, unless we’re of course talking about Midsommar, which should be the definition of mid-summer horror. Still, this Indian limited series shows plenty of promise. It apparently centres around a haunted house and ghosts, and while that may not exactly be the most novel premise out there, especially considering the recent The Haunting of Hill House, but let’s give this one a shot, shall we?

3. Another Life, Season 1 (25 July)

The heat wave in the UK and most of the rest of Europe got to a point where a trip into outer space sounds like a good plan to cool off a little bit. And while we do not have a lot of details about this premiering series, it does have a focus on things of extraterrestrial origin. The synopsis tells us that astronaut Niko Breckinridge, alongside her crew, embark on a mission to study a mysterious alien artifact. For now, we’ll get ten episodes.

4. The Politician, Season 1 (27 September)

A comedy/musical series, from the creator of American Horror Story? Well, alrighty then. Starring some big names such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange, this one will revolve around a teenage high school student, who knew since he was seven years old that he would one day become the President of the US. First things first, however – for the moment, he has to survive high school. This one releases a tad later, probably to coincide with the beginning of the academic year, but I thought it was worthwhile to already mention it.



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