5 Autumn Mood Movies

Autumn is officially here – I don’t know how much of a summer you’ve had, given the ongoing pandemic-related restrictions, but what’s sure is that it’s gone. And while warm weather might stick with us for a little bit longer, some of you might want to get into a more autumnal mood. And how better to achieve that than watching a few stylistically fitting films? Autumn is all about nature changing colours, the weather taking a turn towards chilly, the school/university year starting, and people enjoying specific celebrations. So, here are a couple of films I think would do a fine job of bringing autumn into your thoughts.

1. Bird Box

Although it story could set in pretty much any season and work well, the autumnal setting of this intriguing thriller works wonders with regard to positioning its atmosphere. Set in spring, everything might be a little bit too green. Set in summer, it might have been to bright and colourful. Set in winter, the grim nature of the environments might have been muted a little bit. No, autumn works perfectly.

2. The Witch

I don’t necessarily remember whether or not The Witch takes place during autumn, but the flavour of the story feels very autumnal. So does the décor, really – endless dark forests, and a predominantly brown colour palette – all more or less directly contribute to painting the grim atmosphere that pushes this excellent film forward.

3. 1922

In case you didn’t know, 1922 is one of the many Stephen King adaptations that you can find on Netflix. It’s not exactly made after any famous source material, and, to be honest, it’s far from a masterpiece. However, it’s still worth a watch if you want to slowly ease into an autumnal mood – nothing says fall like endless rows of ripe corn.

4. Sleepy Hollow

This Tim Burton film clearly fits the bill if you’re looking for a seasonal treat – alongside the director’s eerie aesthetics and style comes a backdrop full of dead branches and falling leaves. The fact that it deals with Halloween-related themes only leads it to score more points on an autumn-o-meter.

5. Dead Poets Society

Another key element of autumn is the start of another school year, and everything that comes along with it. This iconic film is set in the autumn of 1959, and revolves around a fictional college in Vermont, and one of its teachers, portrayed by the great Robin Williams.


  • Deena

    Very descriptive post, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

    Reply February 27, 2021
    • Admin

      Yes, there might be one next autumn 🙂

      Reply February 28, 2021
  • Nigel

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about autumn films.

    Reply March 17, 2021

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