Will The Marvel Trend Ever End?

In this day and age, just about every person has seen a Marvel film at some point. Whether they’re a film fanatic or someone who only watches one film a year, Marvel dominates people’s film intake.

This can be seen as a positive since comic book stories are finally in the mainstream. Others feel the trend is a detriment to groundbreaking films that will change cinema for the better—less risks, just give the audience what they want mindset.

It leads to an interesting discussion of the Marvel trend and if it’ll ever end. Of course, every trend does eventually end, but with Marvel being such a powerhouse film-wise, where does this all go?

Popularity Versus Creativity

The central driving point of Marvel isn’t necessarily because the production companies love comic book movies. It’s a cliché, but production companies primarily push a film to production if they think it can make them money.

Of course, the profit motive isn’t the only reason, but it’s what is centrally in the minds of most producers, agents, managers, and production companies. In short, popularity is what drives any film trend. For example, Sci-Fi was huge in the 1930s and 1940s, but not as much today. As soon as the audience is sick of Marvel films and superhero flicks in general, we will see it slowly die off.

Enjoyment is Subjective

Discussing Marvel on any film blog has the natural association of looking down on the matter. I view the films as being pure entertainment, with some being much stronger than others. I, of course, don’t get annoyed if anyone loves Marvel because, in reality, enjoyment is subjective.

The subjectivity of film is the entire point of film discussion, after all. Just because I don’t view Marvel films as a groundbreaking part of history but rather a positive for comic book stories, in general, doesn’t mean my opinion is correct. There are many arguments to be made whether Marvel is hurting film or not.

Does Marvel Hurt Film?

There are two main thoughts to have with Marvel and its impact on cinema. The first look at it as a positive since it’s taking the particular niche of comic books to the mainstream. It also opens the floodgate for indie directors to get a massive budget that is guaranteed to be viewed in front of a vast audience.

The other side can view the Marvel trend as a negative since none of the films genuinely advance the art form of cinema. As elitist as that mentally might sound, there is truth to it. Audiences aren’t lining up to see an arthouse piece like they once were since Marvel dominates the mainstream. It doesn’t allow countless indie films to get the attention they deserve.

All Trends Eventually Come to an End

It’s a commonplace for people to view history to predict the future. If history is any bit of a predicting tool, we can estimate that Marvel will eventually end. Like the Western, or the Musical, there will someday be a moment where we don’t get a slew of Marvel films and television series per year.

When will that trend end? It’s practically impossible to say, but as soon as its popularity dies down and quality gets worse, we’ll see a change in pace.

Final Thoughts

To me, Marvel is a mixed bag of giving up-and-coming directors, writers, and actors a large platform, while also putting out the same formulaic storyline every film. Don’t get me wrong, some Marvel films are genuinely good movies. It just makes for an exciting discussion to ponder when this mountain of popularity for



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