Top 7 Mystery-Thriller K-Dramas

K-Dramas are mostly on everyone’s lips right now. The genre emanates from South Korea and has managed to find its way into different countries. Currently, they have become known worldwide and have also achieved high viewership ratings. This is because of the thrills, romance, comedy and action scenes it brings to the table. To top it all up, the actors are really good looking and have managed to capture the hearts of many fans. Also known for their successful movies, the Korean film industry has gained recognition, with many being nominated for global awards.

Why K-Dramas?

The lockdowns was the period when most people turned to K-Dramas for comfort. Many became international sensations, such as Squid Game, which led to many cryptocurrencies and games being inspired by it. In Asia, particularly India, the genre is popular mainly because of its similarities in Hindi cinema style. Indian culture is being influenced by foreign activities such as gaming and in particular casino games. Online gambling portals assist with finding players the best welcome bonuses, and provide comprehensive reviews on each operator. Additionally, the platform allows players to play games for free.


The first series was released in 2017 and gained quite a lot of recognition, causing the show to be renewed. Currently, it has four seasons and centers around a skilled detective who loses his wife to a serial killer. Another rookie detective with a great voice profiling talent also loses her dad to the same killer. Both of them come together to catch the criminal who keeps slipping away from their hands. The drama sends you on a merry go round journey as the hunt for the real killer isn’t easy.


Black is another suspense-filled drama you don’t want to miss out on. The drama messes with your mind as you find out everything you knew turned out to be a lie. A grim reaper with severe hatred for humans is sent on an assignment to find his runaway partner, of which he ends up in the body of a detective. He began to investigate a cold case 20 years ago and partnered with a woman who has the ability to see death. He ends up falling in love with her, which breaks his supernatural rules by getting involved in human affairs.


Mouse is a drama that has achieved high viewership ratings for the suspense and thrills it offers. A rookie cop who is honest and seeks to achieve justice works at a police substation. There is however a psychopath murderer who leaves the nation trembling in fear. Consequently, the cop then decides to work with a notorious detective and his life doesn’t remain the same. The drama is a masterpiece with crime, thriller and suspense, leaving the audience on edge.

Beyond Evil

This is one of the best thriller dramas you’ll see out there. The show focuses on two police officers, Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won. A serial murder case occurs in their peaceful city and both detectives work together to catch the criminal.

Tell Me What You Saw

Are you looking for a thrilling drama that leaves you satisfied after experiencing a journey of suspense? Tell me what you saw, talks about a skilled profiler who goes into seclusion after his fiancé was murdered. He returns after another murder case draws his attention, and works together with a police officer who has the ability to remember everything that she saw.


A mind-blowing mystery drama that centers around a detective with a psychometric ability to read people’s memories. Nevertheless, when a serial killer has the ability to tamper with people’s minds, he becomes the suspect. The detective then decides to work with a profiler to catch the criminal.

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows keeps you on your toes and leaves you curious while searching for answers. The drama revolves around a female detective who lost her friend to a serial killer 19 years ago and still suffers from the guilt of the incident. The killer however returns 19 years later with a new victim and she does everything in her power to get to the bottom of the matter.



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