Top 5 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

Remember when House of Cards first debuted on Netflix? It took the industry by storm; that here was a high quality full length TV show with an all-star cast, that was bypassing all traditional television formats and premiering directly on an SVOD platform. Well, now it feels like a new Netflix Original releases every other week. With so many amazing shows, and so little time, I thought today I’d help you narrow down your Netflix and Chill list to these five, ridiculously addictive series.

Warning – these shows have been known to cause a serious collapse in productivity.

The O.A.

Created and starring the talented Brit Marling and Executively Produced by the big Brad Pitt, this Drama-Sci-fi will have you gripped as you unravel the real story behind Prairie Johnson’s disappearance and current return home. Expect to expand your mind and your imagination.


Netflix’s new comedy series. Created by the fab Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect) and loosely based off of the real life story of Nasty Gals former CEO and #Girlboss originator, Sophia Amoruso, this series will have all you lady bosses cramming in no time.

Orange is the New Black

Hells yeah to the girl power in this badass and downright awesome show; which proves to Hollywood that female driven storylines can not only bring about huge successes, but they can win a hell of a lot of awards too! Based off Piper Kerman’s memoir by the same name, this show gives you an insight into the daily life of a women’s federal prison. Oh, and did I say it got 12 Emmy Nominations for its first season alone! Definitely one for your watch list.

The Crown

Speculated to have had a £100m budget, this show spared no expense on production quality or star talent, bringing on the eleventh doctor himself, Mr Matt Smith, to play a younger version of the Duke of Edinburgh. Based on the early days of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, The Crown is an addictive drama that will have you not only staying awake well past your bedtime, but will leave you feeling like you’ve learnt a spot of history too. A total no-brainer of any royal family fanatics out there!

Stranger Things

I couldn’t have a Netflix list without this bad boy, now could I? With the second season airing this Halloween, make sure to be up to speed on everything regarding “The Upside Down”. Created by the Duffer Brothers, and a total ode to the great Stephen King, this eighties set horror-Drama, will have you enthralled, gripped and ever so slightly terrified every time your lights flicker. Get the popcorn ready and the lights dimmed, you won’t be moving from the couch for a couple days.



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