The Coolest Sunglasses in ’00s Movies

Sunglasses have long been an essential part of film costuming. Not only do they add style, but they also play a significant role in adding to a character’s personality and look.

While a good pair of shades are used to contribute to the move, it can influence real-world fashion, too. Fortune notes that Y2K nostalgia and films like Top Gun: Maverick were driving the sunglasses industry last year, owing to the impact of movies in influencing the cycle of trends. In particular, the 2000s were ripe with new and evolved trends thanks to the turn of the century; think oversized frames, colored lenses, and sporty styles that represented a futuristic vibe for the new age. Films are a perfect time capsule for spotting these trends in eyewear, how they shaped fashion, and how they’ve advanced and resurfaced throughout the years. Here are some of the coolest sunglasses from ‘00s movies:

The Devil Wears Prada

When discussing fashion in film, it’s nearly impossible not to mention The Devil Wears Prada, released in 2006. Meryl Streep plays the iconic Miranda Priestly, the no-nonsense editor-in-chief of the fictional fashion magazine Runway. Costume designer Patricia Field was intentional in her outfit choices for Miranda Priestly, developing the character through clothing while sticking to Meryl Streep’s own style. One of the most notable accessories the actress wears in the film is a pair of rounded cat-eye sunglasses from Versace with a golden-brown gradient, adding glamour and attitude to suit her character’s diva demeanor. Her eyewear accentuates Miranda Prisetly’s power and discerning eye for fashion. Meryl Streep also kept these iconic shades, wearing them again in a scene from another iconic 2000s movie: Mamma Mia. The film’s costume designer Ann Roth has collaborated with Meryl Streep in several films, and her use of eyewear has played a hand in the characterization of many roles.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Though Transformers: Age of Extinction wasn’t released in the 00s, Michael Bay’s Transformers series began in 2007, and while films evolve with time, the trends keep coming back. Savoy, played by Titus Welliver, wears a pair of Oakley sunglasses – more specifically, the iconic Holbrook. These lightweight frames suit his role as the leader of a group of agents, given Oakley’s reputation for creating sport performance shades with the latest technologies. The Holbrook model Titus Welliver wears in the film encapsulates the affinity for colored lenses and sporty styles popular in the 2000s, combining a modern approach with simple square frames in matte black. The result is a timeless look no matter the era. Marie-Sylvie Deveau and the rest of the film’s costuming team helped give the character of Savoy that villain vibe through their wardrobe choices.

Casino Royale

The James Bond character has evolved throughout the eras, and so has his style. While sunglasses weren’t always a staple for the suave spy, Daniel Craig’s run as the character really made shades a vital Bond accessory to complete the look. He wears two different pairs in Casino Royale, both from the brand Persol. In the Bahamas, he sports Persol 2244 sunglasses with a gunmetal color and brown lenses. The wraparound shape and double bridge give off a sporty and casual look, but it’s paired well with a grey linen suit that gives it a touch of class. Lindy Hemming was the costume designer for the film, and her work was essential for developing James Bond’s transformation from a rookie into a capable 00 agent. As the film progresses, you can see the evolution of his eyewear and overall style from casual to classy.

These are just a handful of memorable eyewear from the 00s. We can expect more fabulous frames to fill our big screens in the coming months as Y2K trends make their comeback.



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