• Lost Tears*

      Matt, a young artist damaged by past events finally meets someone who understand him and offers a last chance for happiness. Until his past revisits him and opens up old wounds. Thoughts of revenge come into his mind. […]

    France 46 Minutes
  • Just Words*

      Two social outcasts with hidden identities, who keep meeting in a coffee shop and talk in their childlike yet inconspicuous cryptic, find it difficult to express their love for each other.The entire film is shot in a single […]

    India 69 Minutes
  • An Unscripted Earth*

      Lawrence and Jaime were best friends in high school, but attend university on opposite sides of the globe. After four years apart, they reunite for a “fun” week in Manila, Jaime’s hometown. As they tour one of Asia’s […]

    Australia 72 Minutes
  • Zeroth (TRAILER)

      Zeroth is a Sci-Fi thriller that tells the story of JUAN OESTERHELD AND GERMAN MURPHY, two Argentine scientists in charge of activating a virtual reality system capable of controlling global communication called SARA from Antarctica in the year […]

    Argentina 2 Minutes
  • I Love You (TRAILER)

      Upcoming actress Alex (Bethany Bily) is on her journey of trying to reach the top and fulfill her potential in the film industry and embarks on her latest role of appearing on a popular TV show. There’s just […]

    United Kingdom 1 Minutes
  • Kaia (TRAILER)

      Kaia is an Amazon warrior from ancient Greece who gets abducted by the Sosamain Empire, she is a slave in their world and purchased to be a Gladiator. However she constantly works to escape, fights those who rule, […]

    United States 2 Minutes
  • Magnolia (TRAILER)

      Elise Sodderland, the raven-haired girl with a tormented soul, lives in a lie. Prisoner of her past, she has a secret which has to live with, which memories have infected hes soul and marked hes skin. When she […]

    Italy 3 Minutes
  • Within*

      “Within” is an experimental, documentary-fiction short film adapted from real-life interviews that touch on themes of female resilience, motherhood and sexism. An intimate glimpse into the everyday lives of three women and their internal struggles in contemporary London. […]

    United Kingdom 7 Minutes
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