• The Astronot*

      The film follows Daniel McKovsky, a young man who lost both his parents at a young age, and who’s only solace is in his fascination with space travel and the cosmos beyond. Then one day at the age […]

    Feb 1, 2018
    Canada 72 Minutes Tim Cash
  • I am Roshni*

      “I Am Roshni” is a unique independent film that has been produced by Suresh Thomas of Crescendo Music & Films and directed by Manoj Jayantilal Bhatia. The film deals with a, never been touched upon, story of a […]

    Feb 1, 2018
    India 120 Minutes Manoj Jayantilal Bhatia
  • Route 66*

      Nourredine Zerrad, aka Noon, is a 37 years old filmmaker who started making movies in 1993. His journey and his never-ending quest supported by a crazy dream motivated this project. IN 2013 he meets Jean-Claude Van Damme who […]

    Feb 1, 2018
    France 52 Minutes Najib Ghallale
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