• Brave Naked

      A man finds what is left of his self when his identity gets stolen in a cardboard box.   

    United Kingdom 9 Minutes

      Who are the roadies proudly standing in the shadow of the modern rock star? Where do they come from, why do they do it and, most of all, where are they going. “Roadie: The Documentary” sets out to […]

    United States 2 Minutes
  • That is Your Baby (TRAILER)

      Faith brings together two women and a little girl. In an emotional conversation, the women uncover that they have a close bond. One of them lost her son and donated his heart anonymously, whilst the little girl received […]

    Bulgaria 14 Minutes
  • Pieces of You (TRAILER)

      Pieces Of You examines the use of technology in modern relationships, in particular long distance relationships.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Japan 1 Minutes
  • Psycho (TRAILER)

      A modern day trailer for Hitchcock’s thriller film ‘Psycho’.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 2 Minutes

    Obuse, the smallest town in Nagano. The town planning of Obuse started about 30 years ago, with the idea of creating a comfortable space where the townspeople can enjoy themselves and building a town to be proud of. As […]

    Japan 22 Minutes
  • “Calling” by Retro Culture

      A wannabe pop-star goes all out at a Karaoke night, trying impress the girl of his dreams, only to fall flat on his face – literally.  

    Australia 4 Minutes
  • Fracture

      In a reversed world where minorities have now the power, a young man will have to make a choice.  

    United States 3 Minutes
  • Mary’s Room*

      Based in Frank Jackson’s philosophical thought experiment known as the knowledge argument, Mary’s Room is a sensorial deconstruction of the reality we live in.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Spain 4 Minutes
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