The Snowflake Forever
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Artur Matveev
35 minutes
TMFF Awards:
January Nominee - Documentary of the Month


The newest and most distant colony for life-term prisoners. She stands in the midst of the Amur taiga. Its official name is IK-6, but romantically it is called “snowflake”. Here sit brutal killers. Before the team no one has filmed here before. It’s a life sentence story told from the inside. We were in the colony for several days. We talked to four inmates. They told their way from crime to imprisonment. How does it feel to live every day like Groundhog day? What do their relatives and relatives think? And how they live, knowing that they will never return to freedom. Would the death penalty have been more humane for them? We also talked to the employees who come to work in this colony day after day. How does it work with people who have killed and robbed? Is it possible to remain human and maintain humanism in this situation? And why did the colony itself — such an eerie place-get such a romantic name “snowflake”? All the answers are in the documentary film “snowflake forever”by Arthur Matveev and Yevgeny Pankov.



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