The Postman
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
16 minutes
TMFF Awards:
October Nominee - Film of the Month & Actor of the Month
Francis Lau


A narcotics officer, Keong reneges on a drug deal and returns home to find it has been broken into. He subdues the burglar and handcuffs him to a chair. The burglar begs Keong to let him go. He is debt ridden, and on the brink of losing his wife, but Keong humiliates him instead. In an effort to save his own skin, the burglar tells Keong he had stumbled upon some drugs in his house, and threatens to expose him. Keong knows he has lost the upper hand and is forced to concede. As he tends to the burglar’s wounds sustained during the scuffle, Keong begins to share marital problems of his own. His wife too had discovered the drugs and left him. Earlier in the night, Keong was supposed to deliver drugs, but he thought of his wife, and decided to quit for good. Keong then lets the burglar go, before making his own escape. He calls his wife and begs to meet her for a chat. He wants to give their marriage another chance. But the drug dealers are hot on his heels. Will he find redemption one last time?



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