This is about the revolt of people from a village named “Paarane” for their Identity and Existence.Encroachers invade and try to destroy the natural resources,wild life and land’s culture in the name of corporate business.Realizing the threat,which would […]

    India 85 Minutes
  • Miniature Wargaming*

      Miniature Wargaming The Movie dives into the heart of the wargaming industry and reveals the impact it has on peoples’ lives. The film follows four individuals as they unveil how wargaming affects their lives in different ways. Andy […]

    United Kingdom 105 Minutes
  • Skin*

      When a socially awkward Midwestern woman inherits a porn studio, she plans to take the money and run – until her dead father and a band of misfits force her to face her fears, and learn that misfits […]

    United States 50 Minutes
  • 13 Graves*

      On the orders of their boss two seasoned contract killers are marching their latest victim to the mob graveyard they have used for several years. When he escapes leaving them no choice but to hunt him through the […]

    United Kingdom 82 Minutes
  • Pilgrim*

      Pilgrim is an ex British soldier. After returning from various Tours Of Duty & leaving the Army, his everyday life is marked by violence and depression. The problems pursue him where he chose to settle: in Paderborn. Whilst […]

    Germany 124 Minutes
  • Love Possibly*

      A rom-com obsessed virgin finally finds a fiancee on a Russian bride site, but he soon realizes Hollywood rom-com rules don’t apply when you’re trying to make a mail-order bride love you.   *Only a trailer is available […]

    United Kingdom 82 Minutes
  • Sandow (TRAILER)

      An impressionable Launceston Elliot (Alexander Cooper) comes under the spell of the iconic Sandow The Magnificent, a performing circus strongman. He seeks him out as his mentor to train him for the Olympics. Written, produced and directed by […]

    United Kingdom 1 Minutes
  • Scapregoat (TRAILER)

      After waking up in the woods, a group of strangers must figure out who put them there and why before it’s too late.  

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Excess Will Save Us (TRAILER)

      In a small village of the North of France, an attack alert has been set off due to the combination of two events: the beginning of the hunting season and an argument between drunk Polish workers.  

    Sweden 1 Minutes
  • Le Jour (TRAILER)

      Paris, 7th of May 2017, day of the results of the french presidential elections. During this historic evening, the paths of four people intertwine while Europe is divided.  

    Sweden 1 Minutes
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