The Hunted: Encore*
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United States
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Crystal Arnette
29 minutes


Swords, Songs & Slayers collide in this Musical Action Comedy that pits Megan and her team of vampire hunters against a sinister bloodsucking syndicate. It’s been a year since Season 1 and the vamps wield more power than ever. Vampires John & Adam are viral sensations with their super popular vlog & have called in the rocker mercenaries, The Queens of The Damned, to finish the Encore team once and for all. The Queens, however, don’t want just Megan’s blood – they want HER. Meanwhile, the Slayers can’t seem to get anything done. Fearing they might be in over their heads, Bob from The Hunted LA (the longest running series on the net) comes to NYC to whip the slayers into shape and take on these rockstar assassins.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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    Strong character development in each episode. A gripping story from start to finish with multiple story arcs nearly packed into every minute of the eight to ten minute episodes.

    The songs are addicting and unforgettable. The final sword battle is the icing on a sweet and kick ass packed pastry.

    Reply January 28, 2018

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