The Good Samaritan
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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
13 minutes
Chris Suffield


Attempting to relocate his lost phone, Alex ventures out into the night to meet The Good Samaritan who found it, but he quickly discovers that he’ll need to pay a steep price for its return.



  • Helen Ison

    Excellent short film John Scott Clark was excellent in the role

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks. We’re really happy to have been selected. Jon-Scott was wonderful to work with.

  • Andrew Howells

    Great little film, I want to know what happens next. Excellent acting, well done all.

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks. All we can tell you is what happens next is not good. πŸ™‚

  • Lara Zimmern

    Great short film. Really enjoyed it.

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks for watching, voting and enjoying Lara. πŸ˜€

  • Max Welch

    Really enjoyed this!! Great short ????????????????????????

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks Max. Glad you enjoyed it. πŸ˜€

  • Karon

    Really enjoyed this

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks for watching Karon

  • David Manning

    Wonderful. Congratulations Jon-Scott.

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks for watching David.

    • Jon-Scott Clark

      Thank you David πŸ™‚ x

  • Aron LW

    Wonderful film, well shot and well acted, looking forward to more!!

    • Jellyfielders

      Awe, thanks Aron. :blush:

  • Anonymous


    • Jellyfielders

      I haven’t had a wow since I was potty trained πŸ™‚ Thanks for watching

  • Penny

    Well, I didn’t expect THAT ending!
    Well done!

  • Jellyfielders

    Thanks Penny, glad you enjoyed the film.

  • Ale

    Like it

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks for watching Ale

  • Robson Mark De'prose

    Really great film and loved my part in the film this film is going places good luck Robson de’prose

  • Jellyfielders

    Thanks Robson, we loved having you in the film.


    I haven’t seen this yet, but it looks good and its something i am definitely going to check out.

  • Jellyfielders

    Thanks Nathalie, let us know your thoughts once you have watched it.

  • Jellyfielders

    Hi Nathalie, let us know your thoughts once you have watched it. Thanks for your comment.

  • Bentley

    Wow! Powerful film well presented. Well done!

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks Bentley πŸ™‚

  • morgandjian

    incredible the number of like ! good job good movie !

    • Jellyfielders

      Thanks Morgandjian, we worked hard and are very proud of this film.

  • John Hare

    Low budget films such as this brilliant effort have to pay actors but the need for economy must be desperately important to the makers. In this instance this pressure has produced a masterpiece.
    In this film, scenes that make use of the locality without trying to adapt it to the screenplay are very effective. In particular, suspense is enhanced by the use of available [intermittent] street lighting and the dark areas thus produced and has achieved an unsurpassable atmosphere of nervous anticipation that many of us who have been out late at night will easily recognise,.
    This is a thought producing film and well worth a suitable accolade.

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