The Formosa Experiment
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Verena Kyselka
28 minutes


The situation on an island in the South Pacific Ocean is getting worse. Memories on dictatorship and tyranny are arising. Protests are spreading. The entire world is in turmoil. A secret experiment to shift the island is carried out. Suddenly, the island disappears together with its people. The world power of China, Russia, US and Japan blamed each other. Three new populated islands are appearing scattered around the globe. What are the consequences? An island myth is created. Women from different cultural backgrounds take a ritual bath together and associate the memories. Embedded in a fictitious story framework of an experiment to shift the island, disappearing and appearing of islands, the film is based on conducted interviews about identity of Taiwanese people in different ages and two autobiographical stories as well. Today’s global political, economical conflicts, environmental issues and those of contemporary history are reflected in the narrative style of this experimental video.



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