Stille Vann
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2015 - April 2016
Annette Wirtz
14 minutes


Stille Vann is an inclusive music project under the umbrella of the artists‘ collective „Barner 16“, Hamburg. The script is based on ideas of the musicians. The making of the film was an inclusive working process under the direction of the fine artist, Annette Wirtz. When five very different women meet to form a band there will be complications. From a far away, foreign country a woman, Parija, flies over an initially peaceful landscape riding a strange bird. Suddenly, as a first irritation, the bird crashes into a garden of the two musicians, Hannah and Lisa. They welcome Paria. The blind woman from a different culture can discover this new and peaceful world. By singing songs from her home country she conveys her way of life to the others. At the same time, Tami and Zeynep, two sisters drawn to the dark side of life, live nearby. They observe the other women from a distance. When Paria goes on a trip they trap her on their houseboat. Here they force Paria to make music with them. However, Paria dislikes the sounds they produce. She tries to escape.


Password: parija


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