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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Annamária Batka
50 minutes
TMFF Awards:
May-June Nominee - Best Feature Film


Andras is a young enterpreneur. In the nineties he left his home in Ungvar (UA) to study in Budapest (H), hoping to achieve a better life. For him, Hungary was the “West” just like for every other college student from Eastern Europe. Although his dream was to become an astrophysicist, coming from a fortuneless household he decided to choose a more practical profession in order to maintain financial security for his family. After some years of hard work at multinational companies, he invested in an old company which once had great prestige in Hungary, the shoe factory, Tisza. But having a well-known brand name doesn’t grant effortless success, the once famous company lost it’s fame since the ’70s and the factory became a dying ex-socialist workhorse whithout market, machines and with huge debts collected. Andras has a goal in his mind, he wants to revive this company, create jobs, win a tender to producing shoes for the military again, start continous production and bring some fashion into the appearance of work-shoes. This documentary is about a possesed businessman, his life, his aims, and the thoughts, actions and dreams behind the long way of success.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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