Safe Haven
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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
25 minutes
TMFF Awards:
August Nominee - Editor of the Month
Stuart Gilmartin


Safe Haven follows the journey of Jo, released into a dystopian Scotland after a life of seclusion, forced to learn that survival is her primary objective.



  • Andy Bowman

    Trailer looks awesome and the music is pretty good too 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished product

  • Elliott

    How do you vote? I can’t find any voting options

    • Jennifer

      Hey Elliott, you just rate it out of 5 *****. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    You can also view the latest trailer here – 🙂

  • Margaret mckinley

    Looks Brill

    • Jennifer

      Thanks Margaret. 🙂

  • Steve Brannigan

    Wow, very nice work!

    I give this a 5*****!

    Very very impressed.


  • Jacqueline Gilmartin (no relation of director)

    Looking forward to seeimg more of this and the lovely Claire Ross. I give this ****

  • amanda hamilton

    looks bloody brilliant

  • Harley Morrison

    Have shared this with alot of people however alot of people are telling me there are struggling to rate this. Not sure whats the problem just not managing to rate when clicking the stars 🙁 dont want to miss out can anyone help

  • Barry colville

    The trailer looks superb very good work I rated it 5star

  • Daniel Ross

    Looking good!

  • dave taylor prestige valets fife

    Trailer looks great cant wait to watch it

  • dave taylor

    I give it 5*****

  • Jase Gallacher

    5 star from me, all the best with it

  • Stefan Seath

    looks great can’t wait to watch it…
    5***** ?

  • Yvonne Bowker


  • Fiona Foster

    I give this 5*

  • Michele

    Wow. ….. definitely a 5★……

  • Margot MacDonald

    Strange lol 4 stars

  • Keith Nicholl

    To vote, watch the clip, then click on the appropriate star just underneath the Safe Haven title – so eg click on the rightmost star to vote 5* – commenting down here doesn’t register your vote in the contest. Less than clear I know…..

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