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United States
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Van Chirqui
3 minutes


Our hero is surrounded by four men who resemble his looks, each one of them representing a piece of his soul; perhaps an early memory or a moment in his life that dramatically affected him. We first see them as those who won’t let him thrive.; even when he moves away,they are still attached to him in a way. Their presence somewhat minimizes and limits him, and yet there is comforting familiarity in their relationship. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the four men act like one mind trying to control him and bring him down. He wants to let go, and they just want to keep him safe. Soon he will realize that this tension is too familiar to let go of just like that. He isn’t really sure what will remain of him should they leave, and the fear of the immeasurable emptiness takes over at times. He wants to come clean, and reorient himself and his life without chaining it to old patterns and past memories. The honest journey of letting go starts when – instead of trying to ignore the four men, fight them, and make them disappear – he finds a peaceful way to let them go: he looks inside and tries to understand, accept, and, perhaps, find a way to show them compassion. He knows it might be the only way out. The current version of him is enough, and as he realizes it, they do too.



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