Plastic Ecosystem (TRAILER)
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United States
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2019 - September 2021 (TRAILER competition)
Stefie Gan
1 minutes


Plastic Ecosystem follows the journey of “new marine life” in the oceans and their behaviors. Millions of tons of plastics litter the oceans and we study their behaviors. The film follows different characters of the oceans, the journey of a school of plastic spoons, the behavior of plastic bottles, the moods of plastic knives. This mockumentary also captures a few surprising behaviors of plastic bags and forks that mimic natural wildlife. Split up into three different lighting settings, this film is not your conventional narrative but a vignette of the rich variety of life in this plastic ecosystem. This film encourages viewers to be more conscious of plastic consumption and also think about the consequences and their effects on the planet.



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