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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2019 - April 2019
Bartek Cebula
16 minutes
TMFF Awards:
April Winner - Film of the Month, Editor of the Month & Cinematography of the Month


A quiet, young fencer named Aleks, is new at a local fencing school. After his first day, seeing Aleks’s talent, the fencing club’s coach wants Aleks to participate in a regional fencing tournament the next day. During practice Aleks meets a girl who wonders into the club her name is Emily. She is the sister of one of the leading fencers at the club who’s name is Jack. Aleks is informed by Jack after practice to stay away from Emily this leads to friction between the two boys. After practice, Emily invites Aleks to a party at her house. Aleks goes to the party and has a great time, so great that the next morning he wakes up in Emily’s bed. We see that she lives in a small run down house. Emily tells Aleks that he must lose to Jack during the tournament and Aleks needs to make a choice. At the tournament, Aleks decides to lose to Jack, he also learns that Emily manipulated him. Aleks loses the tournament and the girl.
*Only a trailer is available for now.


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