Elementary my dear Célestin*
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Floriane Bonanni
43 minutes
TMFF Awards:
December Winner - 3rd Best Feature Film


What is music? Where is she from ? How to listen to him? Let’s listen. Here is thunder and rain, hail and wind. But here are also the delicate footsteps of insects, the rustle of a flower, the glow of the sun on the water, the unknown depths of the ocean … Elementary? Not quite. For the sounds of earth, water, air and fire have their creators. Funny musicians, who suddenly go on an adventure to find a little fish lost in curiosity and love of music. The mischievous presence of Michel Robin, the original music of Jean-Claude Gengembre and Lucas Henri, take us on a strange journey. We will go well from the Earth to the Moon, but here, with timpani, percussions, guitar, electric bass, mandolin, double bass, taking your time, and taking some surprising detours. Floriane Bonanni offers the viewer a new, surreal and funny film. Theater and music mingled make a tender and poetic world sensitive.


*Only a teaser is available for now.


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  • Dauphin

    Poetic , essential!

    Reply December 29, 2021

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