Choice (TRAILER)
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2023 - August 2023 (TRAILER competition)
Andrii Vasylovych Komakha
1 minutes
TMFF Awards:
August Nominee - Trailer of the Month


Vlad dreams of mountains and hears the words of a poem by an unknown voice. Vlad wakes up from the alarm clock, at first he thinks that everything is fine, then he realizes that he overslept. Quickly gathers in a hurry. He doesn’t have time for the minibus. Comes to work. The feeling that life is gray and boring. On the table is a photo with mountains, which reminds of his dream. The boss comes and says that you need to look after the cat. The government does not like it and agrees. He speaks to the cat. The cat speaks in verse. The hero understands what exactly the animal wants to say and what it is leaning towards. Makes the first attempt to change the situation, goes to the door and goes to leave, the boss tries to press on the fear and the hero breaks down and turns back. The cat inspires Vlad again. He goes to resign and the boss offers him a new position, which Vlad has wanted for a long time. He freezes, genuinely surprised. At first he agrees, thinks and remembers his past life, says that he has made his choice and leaves. Vlad turns to the cat with great gratitude and says “Thank you.” The cat begins to speak a verse of the poem and at the same time we see footage of the hero already moving towards his dream.



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