Cayman Dance
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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2018 - March 2018
Anders Sundstedt
3 minutes


DEZ was looking for a fresh, innocent type of 2D animated music video production to go with his song and teamed up with music video director Anders Sundstedt at Sundstedt Animation. For the overall idea to our animated music video for the song ‘Cayman Dance’ by DEZ, it was decided to go with the theme of love and dance, as this storyline typically fits with the genre and also fits with the lyrics and message of the song. Our animated music video follows the basic story by DEZ, giving Anders the full creative freedom to come up with an animated music video. Within the music video, we have two young characters, one female and the other male. The characters are of black ethnic origin, this is because the story is taking place in Georgetown (the capital of Grand Cayman) where the song was inspired. The female character works at the daily fish market on the beach in Georgetown. The composer DEZ is a frequent visitor to the Caribbean. His music background hails from the fold and rock scene in his native Derry in the 70s.



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