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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Valerio Nicolosi
15 minutes


A deep friendship, a love that rises and destroys, the loneliness of a shudder that takes your breath away… this is Bia. The story of five characters that intertwine and double-locked with one another in a cruel and ferocious context, where the fate is blind. No one even cries, and hope is but a small heap of dark dust sealed between the bills to pay. Life… and they are just stuck in the middle! Bia, the protagonist of the story, was not born in the suburbs of Rome, but found herself forced to know it, to live it and to disentangle herself from it as it has become her world after losing her parents. She is tenacious and in love but finds herself compelled to come to terms with a decay that is does not belong to her, to which, however, she must get so much used to to make it hers, and to develop in her a sense of guilt that will lead her to many other paths, tumultuous and not very compliant, that will turn her to a person totally different to her being. Her life partner’s, Mel, heroin addiction, bills to be paid, the risk of eviction and especially a light at the end tunnel ever moving further away but which still gives Bia the strength to fight and to try; you know how life is sometimes not forgiving in the least however and the protagonist finds herself having to make tough choices.


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