Abortion (TRAILER)
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2023 - February 2023 (TRAILER competition)
Dr Shubhra Basu Aich
2 minutes
TMFF Awards:
February Nominee - Trailer of the Month


The story of this movie is about the life struggle of 6 women. These 6 women had to be tortured and humiliated at different different times in their lives by the men of our Indian society. After that these women came to a common point . They all become pregnant; sometimes with their will or against their will. We can see Finally, they wanted to kill their child, whether they want it or not because of fear of society or fear of public shame.Between one of them her husband wanted to kill their unborn fetus because there was a girl child in her womb. It means she is forced to abort her child in her husband’s wish.At last we can see One of them who commited suicide because she was unmarried ,her boyfriend refused her to give father’s name of that baby. Another girl Neha was raped by her close friend Binoy and got pregnant .So she came to an Abortion clinic out of shame in the Indian society. At the end we tried to give a social message in this movie that problems will come in our life, we have to face all those problems and solve them. When there are problems in people’s life there is a way to solve the., It is not the right way for anyone to commit suicide. When a fetus is born in the mother’s womb, a life is about to come into the world. It is not only the responsibility of the child’s parents. It is also the responsibility of the society to protect them.



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  • Dr Shubhra Basu Aich ( Director of "Abortion"My Body -My Choice)

    Thanks TMFF for giving me recognition and opportunity to share my work to the people of the whole world through you… feeling great and honoured….

    Reply March 1, 2023

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