A Right to Play
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2019 - March 2019
Alex Schiller
3 minutes


This film is an audiovisual trip to Accra, Ghana in December 2018. I got the chance to join the crew from Right To Play Germany to document their work with the local children. It had always been my dream to do work for a NGO and when Right To Play called me and gave me total creative freedom for this film, I packed my bags and left the day after Christmas. Armed with nothing but one camera and a little drone I spent the days capturing everything I stumbled upon as we explored the city. Thanks to our local friends we were able to dive into the different communities, meet with the people living there and hear many inspiring stories. In addition, we got to hang out with German football (yes, the REAL football i.e. Soccer) legend Jérôme Boateng for a day who was on a trip to revisit his Ghanaian roots with his family and see the programs in Accra which are supported by Right To Play.



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